Each woman knows that the best relax is in the warm bath with gentle aroma and gurgling. The bath fizzies or the bath bombs are used to add scent and colour to bathwater. Easy chemical reaction between citric acid and sodium bicarbonate gives fizzy effect. A composition  of the essential oils creates a pleasant fragrance to the water.
My first bath bomb was success (no exploded yet :-)) and created from:
- sodium bicarbonate 100g
- citric acid 50g
- salt 50g
- argan oil 5g
- es. oils: sweet orange and ylang ylang.
Process to make the bath bomb is easy and creative, there is a possibility to combine different es. oils, pigments, extra ingredients.


Today I was focused to make nice and quality bath bombs. My recipe for today:
- sodium bicarbonate 100g
- citric acid 50g
- cornstarch 50g
- wich hazel 30 ml (?)
- aloe oil 10g
- EO grapefruit

To get a success bath bombs you really need to feel the right consistence of the mix. The mix should be quite wet just on the point that the reaction between citric acid and sodium bicarbonate should start. Not wet enough mix provokes that bombs don't keep their form, easy molder away. I prefer to work without gloves and do not complaint abour dry hands. The cornstarch gives silky feeling of my skin.


I am still searching for the best recipe. I found out that the cornstarch doesn't keep the bombs stable, makes it "sandy". The best way is to use the dry milk and salt.

Very easy but efficient recipe for bath fizzies-fishies :)

- sodium bicarbonate 300g
- citric acid 100g
- EO: Mint 10 ml

20/12/2013 Bath "flowers" with EO: Lavender and Mint
You can make bath bombs easy and absolutely without any problem if you do not use EO: Lemon, Citron, Grejpfrut...These EOs initiate a chemical process between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and bombs are not stable.

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