Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spicy cream for cold feet and "sleeping" hands

my different extracts
The neighbours of my boyfriend are nice old friendly couple. Every Sunday we visit them and together drink morning coffee (without caffeine pffee :( but with tasty apple cake :)). The old man, 85 years  claims that his feet are always cold.
In my head is a spontan question: Is there some "creams" solution for? 

Searching, reading, preparation and finally today I create the Spicy cream for the cold feet.
Two weeks ago I made the special spicy extract: almond oil and ground pepper.
Spicy cream for cold feet
Ingredients for this hot Spicy cream:
5% - beeswax,
20% - cacao butter,
45% - shea butter,
5% - neem oil,
5% - hazelnut oil,
10% - ginger oil,
10%- well done own piquant extract,
es. oil rosemary, geranium, verbena.

First I am going to test on my feet and tommorrow on the feet of my boyfriend sure.

14/03/2013 Report ;):

My boyfriend often complaints that his hands numb while sleeping.
We tried daily before go to the bed use my Spicy cream as the hand cream and as the massage cream for hands. He told that feels better, it seems my cream helps to blood circulation not only for cold feet but also for "sleeping" hands. Good not know.
I made next portion and improve the smell of the cream. This time I added the es. oils:

- Black Pepper,
- Rosemary,
- Frankincense.

Need to say the neem oil has very special smell which I do not like. But the components that give off the offensive sulfurous smell are the ingredients that make neem oil so effective for the skin.
So the new combinations of the es. oils cover the neem oil smell better.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Solid cream

Today I made the solid cream  from the cacao butter, shea butter, apricot oil, stearic acid with es. oil cinnamon and clove. These ingredients guarantee a warm winter smell and pleasant efficient effect for a dry sensitive skin. I decide to use the stearic acid (octadecanoic acid)  instead of the beewax to make the skin softer.
Good to know that the stearic acid is one of many fatty acids that occur naturally in  many animal and vegetable fats and oils.The best application of the solid cream is on the wet warm skin, it means just after the bath. I have to admit that this solid cream melt very easy and gives special feeling of silky skin.
75% - cacao butter
23% - shea butter
2% - stearic acid
10% - apricot oil and es.oils: cinnamon and clove

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Massage "pralines"

Massage "pralines" - a very good alternative for the massage oil.
I made them from my favorit ingredients: cacao butter, shea butter, apricot oil, beeswax and es.oils ylang ylang and sweet orange. Very easy to use because these "pralines" melt in your hands and you can massage your body just like with the massage oil, respectively use them like a solid cream to protect your hands.
40% - cacao butter
30% - shea butter
20% - beeswax
10% - apricot oil
es.oils ylang ylang and sweet orange

Monday, February 25, 2013

How to choose the oils for your skin?

The package with my new oils from Pakistan arrives today, so my collection of oils is quite big and interest (see in blue which oils are availble in my " cosmetic atelier").  I can make the best combinations of the carrier oils and essential oils for different types of skin.

Normal Skin
Dry SkinOily/Acne SkinMature SkinSensitive Skin
carrier oilsessential oilscarrier oilsessential oilscarrier oilsessential oilscarrier oilsessential oilscarrier oilsessential oils
Almond, sweetCedarwoodAlmond, sweetBenzoinBabassuBasilAndirobaCarrot SeedApricot kernelChamomile
AmlaElemiAndirobaCedarwoodBlackcurrant seedBergamotArganClary SageBabassuJasmine
Apricot kernelFrankincenseApricot kernelCarrot SeedBlueberry seedCajuputAvocadoCypressCalendulaLavender
BabassuGeraniumBabassuChamomileBrazil nutChamomileBabassuFennelCamelliaNeroli
Brazil nutJasmineBlackcurrant seedCitronellaCamelliaClary SageBlackcurrant seedGalbanumCopaibaRose
CamelliaLavenderBlack seedElemiCastorClove BudBlack raspberry seedGeraniumCranberry seedRosewood
CastorNeroliBrazil nutGeraniumCopaibaCypressBlack seedFrankincenseEmu
EmuPalmarosaCalendulaJasmineFlax seedElemiBorageLavenderFlax seed
Cherry kernelPatchouliCoconut, extra virginLavenderGrapeseedEucalyptusBrazil nutLinden BlossomJojoba
Coconut, extra virginRoseCopaibaLitsea CubebaHazelnutFennelCamelinaNeroliKukui nut
CopaibaRosewoodCranberry seedManukaJojobaFrankincenseCamelliaRoseNeem
GrapeseedSandalwoodEmuMyrtleKaranjaGeraniumCherry kernelSandalwoodRice bran
JojobaTangerineEvening primroseNeroliKukui nutGrapefruitCoconut, extra virginSpikenard St. John's Wort
MeadowfoamVetiver HazelnutOrangeMeadowfoamHelichrysumCopaibaSqualane
PalmHempseedPatchouliNeemJuniper BerryCranberry seed
Papaya seedJojobaPalmarosaPapaya seedLavenderEmu
Passion flower seedKiwi seedPetitgrainPassion flower seedLemonEvening primrose
Rice branKukui nutRoseRed raspberryLemongrassHazelnut
SafflowerMacadamia nutRosewoodSafflowerLimeHempseed
SqualaneMarulaSandalwoodSqualaneLinden BlossomJojoba
SunflowerMeadowfoamYarrowWalnutOrangeKiwi seed
WalnutNeemYlang Ylang WatermelonMandarinKukui nut
Olive, extra virginMelissaMacadamia nut
Passion flower seedMyrrhMeadowfoam
Peach kernelNiaouliOlive, extra virgin
Pomegranate seedPatchouliPalm
Pumpkin seedPetitgrainPapaya seed
Rice branRosePassion flower seed
Rosehip seedRosemaryPeach kernel
SafflowerRosewoodPomegranate seed
SesameSandalwoodPumpkin seed
SheaTea TreeRice bran
SqualaneVetiverRosehip seed
TamanuYlang Ylang Sea buckthorn berry
Wheat germShea
Wheat germ