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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Calendula toner

Calendula is a very nice flower with particular healing properties: contains a large amounts of valuable substances, vitamin C, essential oils, tannins, malic acid and salicylic acid. Calendula is used in cosmetology  to make decoctions, infusions and tinctures, facial masks. These delicate flowers contain active substances that help fight skin aging and prevent a negative skin problems. I grew Calendula flowers from organic seeds this summer in my bio-garden and now is the time to make a toner.
Today is very sunny day and I picked the flower tops when they were in full blossom. Put the flower tops in a glass jar and cover with boiling water. I put the jar into the own 70 C for 20 min. Once the  infusion has cooled I strain the liquid into a fresh bowl and it is ready to be used.
This homemade toner is perfect for either using as a conventional toner after cleansing, or as a quick fix sprizer for a wonderful and refreshing skin boost.
Once this spray is made up it needs to be kept in  the refrigerator and used within 1 month.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rose hydrolat

It is the flowering roses time. I enjoy their color, fragrance and of course would like to use the qualities for my homemade cosmetic. How to make the hydrolat I already posted in my blog. The same method I have applied to produce the Rose hydrolat. My last improvement to use the plastic sac with cold water for better condensation process.
Read more about Rose hydrolat qualities
Rose hydrolat is wonderful in homemade skin care products. It can be used by itself as a toner, used to moisten a mask, or used in place of water in lotions or cosmetics recipes. Rosewater stimulates the skin, heightening the blood flow. Experts disagree about using it on extraordinarily sensitive skin. Rosewater controls and balances sebum production, making it useful for both dry and oily skin. It can balance and restore the skin's Ph and helps tighten pores. Its antibacterial properties help fight acne giving troubled skin a gentle, rather than a harsh treatment. It is reputed to be useful in the treatment of all sorts of dermatitis. Suzanne Catty recommends blending Rose Hydrosol with Cistus Hydrosol as an anti-wrinkle treatment.
In Bulgaria, there is much scientific research being done about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of Rosewater indicates that Rosewater, taken internally. is effective against strep and staph infections, among many others. Rosewater has been recommended as a gargle or throat spray for sore or inflamed throats.
Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful woman's tool for healing. It may be used externally, as a facial or body spray, or in a compress. Some recommend taking a teaspoon of the hydrosol to calm stress and anxiety. Others recommend a rosewater douche as a treatment for low libido (low sex drive); it seems to act on both the body and the psyche to gently bring down barriers. Catty recommends taking Rose Hydrosol internally to help balance female hormones. She writes that by helping balance the endocrine system it can combat PMS, menstrual cramps and moodiness, as well as assist during menopause.