Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Natural Shampoo Soap

To wash my hair with  a soap?
Some time ago I thought that it is a crazy idea. But it is difficult to find good shampoo in the shop. Natural products are very expensive and I cannot be sure about all ingedients they content. So, I was motivated to learn and prepare my own shampoo soap.
When the first solid shampoo soap was made I was very surprised with the effect. It cleans hair naturally,  super rich with loads of fluffy lather. Natural ingredients gently clean without stripping away natural protective oils. Organic botanicals, herbal infusions and pure essential oils leave hair soft, shiny, clean and most of all healthy. I found out that after using my shampoo soap I do not need to use the conditioner or rise my hair with Apple vinegar.
My shampoo soaps contain a different blends of moisturizing oils and butters: Castor oil, Cocos butter, Taramiru oil, Avocado oil, Linseed oil, Olive oil. The best selection of essential oils to keep hair healthy: Rozmarin, Lemon, Laurel

Today I prepare the liquid shampoo soap. It means that instead of NaOH I use KOH. Also I use only 18% of the hard butter (Cocos butter), the rest are oils.
Below are pictures of preparation phases, getting the gel phase and almost final product:

The high temperature (50°C-60° C) is very important to get the gel phase easy and fast. I blend 2-3 minutes  and 15 minutes I warm the mix in the oven. It is needed to repeat it 3 -4 times until it comes to a very light trace. Noticed that it starts to create the lather during mixing.  Good!
I use the oven (100°C) to finish HP approximately 90 minutes and it stays in the oven till next day.
Tomorrow  I will add essential oils and it will be ready for my happy hair.
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