Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to pamper your skin or Body "Sauce"

Several times I made the body butter or whipped body butter and it is excellent products to use after shower or bath.
This time I would like to make the body product with more fluid consistency.  Body Milk? Body Lotion? Or Body "Sauce" - :)? Why? Easier and faster to use. Even for hair as a balzam.
Usually for making body milk or lotion they use water.
My product should be without water because I do not like to use any preservative - most of the time it is purely chemical product.
The procedure is the same as for making body butter: mix, whip and keep it cooler.
Melt above ingredients together. Put all ingredients together in glass measuring cup. Mix with electric mixer for 1 minute, put in freezer for 3 minutes. Repeat 5 times until it thickens to a whipped "sauce" consistency.

The idea is to use more oils in the recipe and less butters:

36 g Shea butter
32 g virgin Cocoa butter which has wonderful tropical scent
32 g Caledula macerat in Sweet Amandel oil
24 g Perzik oil
20 g Jojoba oil
10 g Glycerine
15 g Starch

E vitamin and my favorite EO: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange 60 drops

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